The Course


Hole #1

With 400 yards of soft fairway and punishing rough the first hole is a demanding start to your round. You’ll need a 250 yard carry to clear the creek. Lots of bogies here; if you’re not warmed up, it could be worse.

Hole #2

Second hole dogleg right requires you keep it in the fairway to avoid the trees on the right. It’s 170 to the corner that requires and accurate second shot into a well trapped smallish green.

Hole #3

A signature hole of a 240 yard par three with a heavily trapped postage stamp green. A bank of trees to take care of your hook left and out of bounds on the right. A par here is rare but what a thrill if you shoot one.

Hole #4

Often hitting into a westerly wind you’ll need to make some decisions on the tee. The creek is 200 yards out (longer on the right side) but if you can clear you’ve got a good shot to be on the green in two. Miss the green on your second or third shot and you’ll have a tough up and down from the bunkers.

Hole #5

Accuracy is crucial on this short par four with out of bounds all down the right side. Hit to a comfortable distance and hope to hit and hold on this small green. This hole should yield a ton of birdies, but it doesn’t.

Hole #6

You’ll need a decent tee shot here to a well-protected, sloping green to hit the green. This is a challenging par three with a forest on the left and bunkers in front. Short side yourself and you’ve got a tough up and down.

Hole #7

This hole has tons of grip it and rip potential if you can hit it long and straight. Still, something left short off the tee leaves you a short second shot to an elevated green and a good chance at a birdie.

Hole #8

The new tee deck has the potential to add some length to this hole and be mindful of the wind as it tends to swirl around the trees behind the green. Add a club and hit it straight to yield birdie potential.

Hole #9

The tee presents a bit of a narrow chute and the fairway is narrower than it looks because of the slope on the left that will kick balls into the trees. A good drive with a bit of a fade should leave you a good shot to the smallest green on the course.

Hole #10

The back nine presents a whole different set of challenges. The creek on ten is about 250 yards out and if you can keep your tee shot right centre you’ll have a good view to a well trapped green at the end of a slender fairway.

Hole #11

This is another grip it and rip hole. With a wide open fairway and two good shots you could find yourself on the green putting for an eagle. However, the fairway is often soft limiting any roll and errant approach shots will find large bunkers left and right.

Hole #12

This relatively short, dog leg left par five requires and long draw and it’s definitely reachable in two. Too far left and you’re reaching for another ball. Second shot presents a bit of a chute with a pond on the right. This is one of the few birdie opportunities on the back nine.

Hole #13

Another hole that you will often find wind in your face a factor. Pond on the right, trees on your left and it plays longer that the yardage indicates.

Hole #14

This is an extremely long slight dog leg right requiring you to cross two creeks. The first creek is 175 yards out. A mistake on this hole is expensive. If you find the fairway you’re faced with a long second shot to a well trapped green.

Hole #15

Another dominant west wind makes your 175 yard carry of the little creek a challenge. The dog leg left makes for a blind shot over the trees if you’re short of the 150 marker and too far right puts you in the trees. Par is a good score here.

Hole #16

Time for a bit of a breather with a short par three that seems easy from the tee. But be careful. Out of bounds all down the left side and bunkers in front, left and right of the green requires and accurate tee shot.

Hole #17

A tight tee shot, over a pond to a tight fairway that doglegs hard right. Straight out you’re left with at least 200 yards in over a creek 15 yards in front of the green. This is a great risk and reward hole. Clearing the trees on the right leaves you a straight forward shot into the green. But a push to far to the right puts you in the trees.

Hole #18

The left side of the fairway is lined with trees, but a good drive and decent second shot should land you on your final destination, the 18th green.