Cedarhurst Golf Club



Thanks again to everyone who came out and played Cedarhurst Golf Club this past year, Enjoy your off season and we look forward to seeing you again in the Spring.

This past October, as part of our 100th Anniversary Centennial Celebration in 2022, the Clubhouse was raised to allow for a new block foundation. The clubhouse has now come down on its new foundation and construction is now underway with a new front entrance way and awesome deck off the clubhouse that will overlook the golf course to be completed in time for 2020 Spring opening.

  • Our 2020 rates are now on the web site.
  • We’re underway with some course improvements on the first hole, a new tee on 17 and on-going pruning to increase play-ability in 2020.
  • Thinking of joining a course next year? We offer very competitive membership rates and benefits and if you join before April 1 you’ll receive 10 “Bring a Guest for a Free Round” coupons.
  • Planning a corporate tournament, family get together or a wedding party next year?

Call our Pro Shop at 705 426 7521 for a special tournament or group rates. The Pro Shop is open until the end of the month.

Some winter tips to maintain your skills and keep you fit

  1. Hit the weights. Strengthening your glutes and maintaining your core keep your game fresh. Strong glutes help with balance and power.
  2. Learn to like yoga. Both yoga and Pilates help with flexibility and core stability while lengthening muscles to help with range of motion. You’ll be able to take a fuller, more robust swing.
  3. Swing weighted clubs. Working with weighted clubs is a way to improve the timing and mechanics of your swing. You’ll also feel the moment of impact better, which helps develop consistent timing.
  4. Head to the indoor range to maintain momentum and motor memory.
    Chip and putt on carpet. Chipping and putting will help you maintain your touch.
  5. Watch the Golf Channel. Increase your golf IQ by tuning into the Golf Channel. Remaining immersed in golf is a key factor to staying in the game.
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