Board Of Directors

Cedarhurst Board of Directors

Dennis Cooper

Ralph Davidson

Vice-President & Greens

Bruce Reynolds

Thea Kooy

Club Secretary

Matt Fitzgibbons

Bob Fleischaker

Alex Sweeny

Frank Teskey

Sandy Wickett

Restaurant & Clubhouse


Steve Fenton

Deb Swailes

Sandy Wickett

Restaurant & Clubhouse

Committees and Club Captains

Committees Chairs/Captains Contact
Ladies Captain Lynne Davidson
Men’s Captain Doug Gleed
Greens Committee Ralph Davidson
Rules Committee Thea Kooy
Nominations Committee Bruce Reynolds
Property Committee Alex Sweeny
Marketing Committee Matt Fitzgibbons
Health & Safety Committee Bernie Cassidy

Club By-Laws for Appointment to Board


Each director shall be a Senior Member in good standing at the time of his or her nomination and election as herein provided and throughout his or her term of office.

Election and term of office

Each director shall be elected to hold office until the third annual membership meeting after he or she has been elected by the members at a Membership Meeting or until his or her successor shall have been duly elected. Directors may be eligible for re-election for up to a total of two (2) more subsequent terms of office. A former director may be elected to the Board at any time after a one-year hiatus if that director has served a total of three (3) consecutive terms of office.

Method for electing directors

Before each annual Membership Meeting, the Board shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of one (1) director and a minimum of three (3) Senior Members in good standing who are not directors of the club, which committee shall prepare a list of eligible members willing to stand for election to the board.
Other eligible members may be nominated for election to the board by any Senior Member in good standing but any such nomination must be in writing and received by the Club Secretary at least ten (10) days before the annual meeting and must be accompanied by the consent of the nominee to serve if elected.
A list of all nominees shall be posted at the club not less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
The election of directors shall be by a secret ballot unless there are nominations only for the number of vacant positions, in which case the election of those directors shall be by an appropriate motion and confirmation of same. If an election of directors is not held at the proper time , the directors then in office shall continue until their successors are elected.